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Monday, July 18, 2011

au revoir brown armoire

I finished the armoire for T's new apartment.  I probably wouldn't have picked out what we ended up with, had I more time.  But we were under crunch time since move out day is August 1.  I found this 1970's something, somewhat tacky, yet sturdy armoire on Craigslist for $100.  I was thinking of spending more like $50, but when you are under pressure to get something done, you have to cave and make quick decisions.  It goes without saying that it is killing me she is moving out, but alas, it is probably time and I want to do all I can to make her new digs comfortable (and remind her of me. . . selfish?  yes.  I don't care).
A recap of the BEFORE:

Now before I post the after, I just want to remind everyone of the silver/mirrored dresser I did for her a couple years ago.  And the fact that I am not letting her take it with her.  Because of this, I thought it only fitting to redo the armoire in silver.  I had best intentions of ditching the hardware and dated scrolly panels, replacing them with new, glam hardware and possibly fabric panels, but then I got cheap (thinking she may be moving back home in a year - wishful thinking) and this piece may end up on the curb. 

I wanted to add some depth to the piece, so I brushed diluted brown acrylic paint over all the accent areas and rubbed off with a rag.  I ended up painting the existing hardware and for a final,
whimsical touch - painted the inside of the cabinet doors with chalkboard paint.
Love you, Roo.


  1. It looks fantastic. You did a great job. And LOVE the little "finishing touch" on the back!

  2. I love the silver and i think the original hardware and panels look great! So sweet!

  3. This must be really gorgeous in person. I don't think your picture doesn't justice to how fabulous this will look in your daughter's new home. She's a lucky girl.

  4. This armoire turned out just beautiful! I love silver furniture, it is so glamorous!