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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Craigslist Dresser Makeover


This is the dresser I got to keep me out of trouble during my holiday break from work.
It was a $50 Craigslist find.  I really didn't have a space in mind for it. . .I didn't think it
would fit in anywhere. . .I just got it because I thought it had good bones. . .and I needed a project.

I used a combination of Silver Sage metallic paint and Bronze glaze over my SW Austere Gray.  To erase the brush marks I used a dry roller over it all.  I thought about distressing in areas, but thought it would look more formal to leave it alone.
LOOK - - it fits perfect on my diagonal dining room wall!  What do you think?  Can I keep him?
My house lacks many accessories mostly because we don't have many furnishings.  But now that I am slowly adding pieces I can start picking up accessories to add more interest.  (but not too many - - have I mentioned I don't care for clutter. . .or dusting?)  I am thinking a few apothecary jars and maybe a tall rectangular mirror on the wall. . .but I'm up for suggestions. . .

Thursday, January 6, 2011

What Is It?

Beats me.  Oddly, this Goodwill find was hollow like a vase, but only about 6 inches of it's total height was hollow; the bottom 2/3 was solid wood.  I guess it could have been a taper candle holder, but more than half of your candle would be swallowed up in the deep hollow.  I guess you could have put fake flowers in it (yuck). . .or use it to clobber an intruder. . .it was Heidi. . .in the kitchen. . .with the big, heavy wooden Goodwill thing.  (yes, I played Clue as a kid)

Anyway, I saw potential so I plugged up the hole and whipped out a can of glam.
A little sanding over the carvings, slapped on a little stain and. . . .

now I have a pillar holder for my sunroom.  Thanks, Nanc!  ; )

Monday, January 3, 2011

Keeping Out Of Trouble

Working at The Daily Iowan on the University of Iowa campus is awesome because we don't publish during university breaks.  This allows me three weeks off over the Xmas and New Year's holidays.  Such a blessing during the first two weeks when I am busy last minute shopping, decorating and hosting parties, but now that the tree has been thrown out the front door, (I mean literally thrown out the front door. . . what a freaking mess. . .I may have all the needles vacuumed up by next Xmas) all the entertaining over and the decorations put away; everyone else is back to work and Heidi needs something to keep her out of trouble (I don't actually get in trouble. . .I just need something to give me a sense of accomplishment).

ENTER:  My latest Craigslist find.  Yeah baby. . .and only $50.00.  I don't really have a good space for it, but it has such good bones I couldn't pass it up.

So I got to work on it right away.  It had two large cracks down both sides.  A little wood filler, sanding and primer. . .

I am going to slap on a couple of coats of Austere Gray (the color used on the dining room buffet; I think I have just enough for this project so it will be nice to use that up) and I am going to attempt to glaze over the gray with a mixture of bronze and a silver sage metallic paint.  I am kind of nervous because I know I will have brush marks to deal with.  Any furniture I have ever done metallic has been spray paint so no brush mark worries.  I have my fingers crossed that it will turn out the way I picture it in my head.  If so, I will have to somehow find space for it somewhere. . .if not. . .look for it on Craigslist. . .jk.
Check in tomorrow or Wednesday. . .I should have it done - - -GASP!  But then what will I do the rest of the week?

probably paint something.  or print on fabric - - stop.