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Monday, March 28, 2011

Laundry Quandry

When Tim and I built our house in 2006 we had to leave certain things unfinished due to budget constraints.  The laundry room and basement among them.  Since then, we have worked on the basement, but never did anything with the laundry room.  We purchased a laundry sink and faucet along with all the other fixtures when we built the house and until last week, they sat in a closet in the basement. 
Tired of waiting until we can afford custom cabinetry. . .who knows when and if that will ever happen in this economy, I decided I could be happy with purchasing an unfinished oak cabinet from Menards - anything to get that sink hooked up.  I could glam it up and customize it myself with a little paint and decorative knobs.  Tim was on board with this idea. . .C-H-A  ching!  I'm saving us money (that's what she said).

So. . . here is the (small) laundry room BEFORE:
Add an unfinished oak base cabinet. . .

A little leftover Sherwin Williams Austere Gray paint (from the antique dining room buffet), pre-cut cornices for "feet", and knobs from Hobby Lobby. . .
Pre-cut 6' laminate countertop from Menards, 12"x12" mesh mosaic tile squares from Lowes and I now have the laundry sink I have been longing for.  I told Tim I don't think I could be happier. We were able to do all of this for around $250.  Sometimes being on a budget isn't so bad.  It really narrows down the choices you have and gives you the opportunity to get creative.  (I have to note that we did not have to make one tile cut - - the length of the wall is just under 6', so we just had to cut one row of mosaics off the mesh backing and the top border tiles fit across perfectly - - too easy!)

I can eventually add overhead cabinets and finish them to match. . .or not!  I don't really need more storage space.  I will add some decor on the walls eventually.
Oh, and Sully couldn't be more thrilled either since this is his dining room. . .actually I don't know if he is all that thrilled or not.  I just said that.


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