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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Reflections of A Dining Room

I finally moved the Guy Buffet prints down to the family room/bar area where they have been longing to hang out. . .get it? (hang). . .sorry.

Anyway, I found a round mirror for the spot above the dining room buffet.  Hubs says I hung it too high, but I wanted it to reflect the chandelier. . . and who wants to see themselves pigging out anyway?
(actually, slim chance of that beings as we have NEVER eaten in this room. . .which leads me to ask myself. . .why am I even concentrating on decorating this room?  I really should focus my energy on the great room)


I don't think it will look too high once I get some “stuff TBD (to be determined)” on the buffet.  I am so liking the glam of all the mirrors in the dining room that I am on a mission to find several more for the two remaining empty walls.  Welcome to Heidi's Glam-O-Rama Dining Room, but you can't eat here, it's just a place for reflection. . .get it?. . .sorry.  Beautiful by candlelight at night. . .darned if I can get a decent photo.