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Monday, August 9, 2010

The Silver Zebra Chair

Okay, I told you I would post pics when I got this chair back from the upholsterer, sorry I don't have a before photo.

Well I just picked it up, and I must say, I really need to learn how to upholster.
This chair was a freebie from Craigslist; it was in excellent shape, but I had a vision and the pink velvet upholstery was not part of it. I stripped it of all it's fabric and sanded and spray painted the frame silver; Rustoleum Silver Metallic for a Bright Reflective Finish spray paint (same as Taylor's dresser). I ordered the zebra print fabric online at Love, love, love the fabric. Very high quality and very reasonably priced. . . I think I paid $11.99 a square yard.

Anyway, back to why I need to learn how to upholster. My free chair ended up costing me $230 in upholster labor. – – But I do love how it turned out and I do have a one of a kind chair for under $300.

Now Taylor has a proper place to throw her bed pillows and dirty clothes onto.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Cathy's Table and Chairs

I was struggling with what to call this entry. . .then my husband suggested “Cathy's Table and Chairs.” – Brilliant. I ran with it.

My dear friend Cathy and her husband own a farm where they spend their weekends and vacation time. They built a pole barn with a house attached. Most of the house is furnished with found furnishings and previously-loved hand-me-downs; this table and chair set among them. Cathy gave this commonly found table and chair set an updated look by spray painting the spindles, back and legs black. WOW! Now this dinner table and chairs are really something to FEAST your eyes on. . .

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Win, Win, Wine

Okay, I admit it. . .I'm a wino. Not only do I enjoy wine, especially the reds, I love the ambiance of wine cellars and the delicate look of wine glasses. To me, there is just something rich and decadent about wine "stuff”. While visiting my mother not so long ago, she showed me a NapaStyle catalog she received in the mail. There were some beautiful wine bottle hurricanes on one of the pages (you can view these at Instantly, I fell in love. There were several different shapes, sizes and colors of wine bottles. But they ranged in price from $99 to $250 (and you don't even get to drink the wine that was in them. . .can you believe that? Empty wine bottles!). YIKES!!!!! So I thought to myself, basically these are just wine bottles with the bottoms cut off. Why couldn't I take some wine bottles to my local glass shop and see if they would be willing to cut and grind the bottoms off? My local glass shop was more than willing to give it a try, but couldn't guarantee the results. What did care? I already got to drink the wine and would normally have just recycled the bottles anyway.

Well, they turned out perfect and only cost me $10! WIN, WIN! This rocks! Not only did I get to drink the wine, but now I have some awesome, cheap wine bottle hurricanes to light up my bar area!!! I better get busy emptying some more bottles. . .hiccup.

Note: the wine bottle shown in the picture is a magnum, but you could do this with any size bottle. My glass cutting guy told me he would only charge $5 for the smaller bottles. I used a votive candle to protect my table, but pillars are really more attractive, just be sure you protect the surface underneath somehow. You may want to ask local restaurants/taverns if they have any wine bottles they would be willing to give away. . .they probably just recycle them anyway.