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Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy Birthday Hubs!

Yes, my husband was born on New Year's Eve.  Anyone who knows him isn't surprised to learn this.
He came out of the womb sporting a party hat and cranking a noise maker.  He loves to have fun and is the life of the party.  Happy Birthday Timbo. . .we love you!!!!

Happy New Year to all my friends in Blogland.  Here's to a wonderfully happy and prosperous 2011!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Holidays!

While waiting for my potatoes to boil and before I start making the cheddar biscuits, I wanted to take time to post these pics of Sully watching the cardinals eat their breakfast in the snowfall.
. . . and I want to wish everyone a safe, healthy and happy holiday.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

More Of The Same

No long explanation for these photos, just more of the same. . .can't get enough of this printing on fabric.
Someone stop me. . .  Okay, that's it, I won't post anymore pics of this stuff.

. . .unless I think I've come up with something brilliant.  then I may have to share. . .

Now everyone. . .GO PRINT ON SOME FABRIC!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Door Knob Pillow

I made this little door knob pillow for my mom.  She enjoys drinking tea in her sunroom, so it says, “Salon de thé Ladd” - - Ladd's Tea Room.  This was also put together with fabric glue. . .the button is the only thing sewn.  I am going to make monogram drawer sachets using the same concept.  I better get busy though, as I plan to give them as Xmas presents!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Goodwill Frame Makeover

I bought this frame for $1 at our local Goodwill 3 years ago.  It originally had a replica of Blue Boy framed in it.  I immediately tossed that out. . .and there the frame sat. . .in the spare bedroom. . .for the last 3 years.  I contemplated donating it back to Goodwill, my philosophy is: if you haven't worn it, used it, touched it or thought about it for the last year, time to get rid of it.  (I think I've mentioned that I have a phobia about having too much stuff. . .not into clutter, hence the reason my house is kind of sparse.)  But for some unknown reason this frame survived Heidi's suffocating plastic garbage bag –  death grip trip to the donation drive thru.  And you know what?  I am actually glad I held onto it.

While it is not at all ugly or obnoxious (or even in poor condition), I just never found the right thing for this frame.  My initial intentions were to frame an old black & white family photo in it and hang it in the spare bedroom.  Said bedroom being a beautiful shade of porcelain blue and butter yellow (one of my favorite rooms in the house). . .the frame is metallic blue and an antiqued silver (hard to tell in photos, cause yet again I do not claim to be a stellar photographer; better yet. . .I refuse to read instructions. . .which are probably still stuck to the bottom of my digital camera box).

Enough rambling.  I have been so inspired by all of you who have created DIY grain sack creations; ie. pillows, stockings, upholstery. . .you name it.  Love the look.  As a new follower of Restore Interiors,
I came across a post about how to print on fabric using an inkjet printer, imitating the look of authentic vintage grain and flour sacks.  (Thank you Kelli for sharing your tutorial. . .you are so talented).  While I cannot sew, I thought I would attempt a project utilizing this concept AND my lonesome, forgotten Blue-Boy Goodwill frame from 3 years ago.  So. . .here is what I came up with. . .

I painted over the metallic blue with black acrylic.  Our powder room rocks a bee theme so I designed a graphic to compliment it.  Oh how hubby loves the bee theme. . .really?  No.  Honestly, if you ask him, he probably has no idea what the theme of our powder room is.  Here are a couple of links to our powder room and this that show some of my bee stuff.  The design translates into Owen's Powder Room and I put Tim's and my initials to the sides of the bee.  I am really excited about how this project turned out and can see endless possibilities.  If only I could sew. . .if only I could quit my day job and stay at home and play. . . .
I used the wrong side of the zebra fabric from T's bedroom chair; same fabric used on the pillows and table runner in the dining room to print on. What's really kind of cool is that the inner-most molding of the frame is actually wrapped in linen. . .

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Glam at the Owen Fam’s

I think I am about to call it good on the Christmas decorating.  Hubby wants to put another live tree in the lower level. . .but I think the 12 footer upstairs is enough.  I'm not much on Christmas decorating.  Don't get me wrong. . .I think Christmas decorations are beautiful and I love seeing all the gorgeous holiday decorating out there in blogland, but I'm not into storing all the stuff.  I have a phobia about having too much stuff. . .I like empty closets and cupboards.  (I also have a sticker phobia. . .but that's a whole nother story. . .I know. . .weird)  I took some pics of my meager decor. . .not the best pics, I haven't quite mastered the art of photography.

After reading many posts about Krylon Looking Glass paint, I wanted to try my hand at the stuff.  I found these tea light holders at a local thrift shop, they are hollow underneath.  I am somewhat happy with the results.  I sprayed several light coats, let rest for a few minutes then sprayed water/vinegar solution on them and blotted/wiped in spots.  One note:  Krylon Looking Glass spray paint is S-T-I-N-K-Y.  You want to make sure you have a well ventilated area.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Two years today!

Today I am officially a two year survivor of breast cancer! . . .just sayin’.

Thoughts and prayers for all of the amazing women out there who are battling bc.
Live strong.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

No Sew Bolster Pillow

My latest blog posts have all been about my dining room.  I guess I felt it was time to give the DR some much needed attention.  We have been in our house for four years this December. . .yeah, I think it's about time.  Since I got the buffet done, I messed around with the arrangement of the room.  The table with all the leaves in it and all six chairs around it really cramped the room (and blocked my newly glamified buffet).  So I took one of the leaves out of the table and moved two of the chairs aside.  Better.  But the two chairs looked naked.  They needed some glam.

“I think I will try my hand at a couple no sew bolster pillows”  I said to myself.
I already had a bunch of zebra fabric left over from Taylor's chair that I thought would be a nice compliment to the colors in the DR.  Joann Fabrics had pillow inserts for 50% off Thanksgiving weekend so I bought two of them and some No Sew Glue and got busy.

I had no high hopes or expectations (I can't sew, so this was my only shot).  But this No Sew Glue stuff actually works!!!!  I love this stuff!  So for about $7 each, I was able to make bolster pillows for my DR chairs!!!!  $5 each insert, fabric left over, $1.50 for each tassle (Tuesday Morning), $4 for No Sew Glue and I already had the cording for the drawstring.  They probably should have been tighter on the ends, but I kind of like how they droop over the sides of the chairs (at least that is my justification).