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Monday, August 9, 2010

The Silver Zebra Chair

Okay, I told you I would post pics when I got this chair back from the upholsterer, sorry I don't have a before photo.

Well I just picked it up, and I must say, I really need to learn how to upholster.
This chair was a freebie from Craigslist; it was in excellent shape, but I had a vision and the pink velvet upholstery was not part of it. I stripped it of all it's fabric and sanded and spray painted the frame silver; Rustoleum Silver Metallic for a Bright Reflective Finish spray paint (same as Taylor's dresser). I ordered the zebra print fabric online at Love, love, love the fabric. Very high quality and very reasonably priced. . . I think I paid $11.99 a square yard.

Anyway, back to why I need to learn how to upholster. My free chair ended up costing me $230 in upholster labor. – – But I do love how it turned out and I do have a one of a kind chair for under $300.

Now Taylor has a proper place to throw her bed pillows and dirty clothes onto.

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