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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Saved by Dave

So who doesn't love Pottery Barn?

I had a basement bathroom in need of a vanity. Of course I found one I fell in love with in the Pottery Barn catalogue. However, even if I was willing to spend the $1500 on it, I didn't have room for a double vanity.

That's where my buddy Dave came in. He is a terrific carpenter that just so happened to owe me a favor. Yea for me!!!! I drew up a scaled down version of the Pottery Barn vanity and handed it over to Dave. I bought the materials and the pulls and Dave went to town. I had him assemble it, leaving the distressing and staining to me. (Heck, I had to take some credit for it. . .)

And for under $400 I now have the vanity of my dreams. . .thank you Dave. You are a treasure.


  1. I just saw this link on Miss Mustard Seed, you really did get a PB vanity. It looks so like the inspiration picture, great job.