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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tray Chic

I have been searching to find something that I can glam up with a coat of chalkboard paint.  It's obviously a rage and I have been admiring all the chalkboard paint projects out there in blogland. . .I just had to try it myself.
Not willing or ready to commit to an entire wall or refrigerator or countertop or one of the other awesome venues (I see ceilings, floors, entryways, garage doors to name a few), I wanted to start small. . .like a framed chalkboard in the kitchen or laundry room or something.  When I make my mind up to do something, I expect to get 'er done just as fast as the bulb lights up in my head.  Never happens.  Couldn't for the life of me find anything to spray chalkboard paint magic on.
. . . . . . that is. . . until I was putting a re-purposed placemat (used under a fern pot in the sunroom cause HECK NO do we set a table at the Owen Crib) away in an ONLY TWICE (actually maybe once) A YEAR visited linen drawer.
Came across a Goodwill HAND-ME-DOWN serving tray.  I'm sure I've had it at least five years.  Stuck it in the drawer and pretty much forgot about it.  It had good bones, really cool aluminum twisty handles and rim, but not so cool fake wood grain MDF for the middle. 

This was it. . .what I've been searching for, right under my own nose. . .in my very own kitchen.

Why thank you. . .don't mind if I do.