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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Dining Room Buffet. . .finally off my to do list!

I said I was going to get my dining room buffet done this week and I stuck by my word.  If you have followed any of my blog, I was really perplexed with what to do with this piece.  Part of me thought I should refinish it, another part of me thought about painting it black, then another part of me thought I was maybe getting too much “darkness” in my house.  (see why I struggle. . .too many parts)  I asked you guys for some direction and I have to thank all of you again for your advice.

The before. . .

Many of you suggested to pick out a color from the area rug.  I always admire the pieces you all paint in soft blues and grays, but never really thought those soft colors would fit in my house.  Our house is Craftsman style and somewhat rustic so I always thought I needed to keep things dark or natural.  After reading your comments, I realized that I needed to lighten up a bit. . .(not just talking my home decor here) so I chose Sherwin Williams Austere Gray.

It is a gray-green (looks more gray here) that matches a color in the rug.
So without further ado, here is my buffet now. . .

This picture was taken before my trip to Hobby Lobby to fill in the missing knobs.

I used the original hardware on the top drawer.  I had the amber crystal knobs from another project.  I bought the black knobs from Hobby Lobby and paired them with the backplates from the leftover original hardware.

Took the opportunity to move the table out of the dining room and give it a good vacuuming.  You can get a better idea of what the rug looks like.

 Thank you, thank you all for making me think outside the box.  I love my new buffet and now have a soft gray-green piece like I have always envied.  I have a mirror coming for above the buffet.  The Guy Buffet prints will be moved downstairs to the bar/family room area where they were always meant to be.  (I just stuck them in the dining room until we finished the basement)  I am also planning on moving the little black sideboard to the basement as well.

Look out world, Heidi is finally lightening up!


  1. Beautimus!!! I have on in storage and that is exacly how I saw it in my mind to finish it! Thanks for the reminder.

  2. I love these old refinished buffets sitting up on tall legs. Congrats - beautiful.

  3. That is the perfect color for that piece! And your room looks beautiful! Vanna

  4. I had to gasp! Beautiful!!! You did a fab job!

  5. I LOVE antique buffets, and especially love yours!

  6. I love what you did with this piece! Great work!

  7. Beautiful! I saw this on Better After and I am wondering what color stain you used for the top?

  8. I saw your buffet on Better After and fell in LOVE with it! What a great transformation, I definitely think you chose the right color!

  9. Wow. I have this exact buffet (minus the back mirror). The "teardrop" knobs and everything are exact. Just lovely!