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Sunday, December 5, 2010

No Sew Bolster Pillow

My latest blog posts have all been about my dining room.  I guess I felt it was time to give the DR some much needed attention.  We have been in our house for four years this December. . .yeah, I think it's about time.  Since I got the buffet done, I messed around with the arrangement of the room.  The table with all the leaves in it and all six chairs around it really cramped the room (and blocked my newly glamified buffet).  So I took one of the leaves out of the table and moved two of the chairs aside.  Better.  But the two chairs looked naked.  They needed some glam.

“I think I will try my hand at a couple no sew bolster pillows”  I said to myself.
I already had a bunch of zebra fabric left over from Taylor's chair that I thought would be a nice compliment to the colors in the DR.  Joann Fabrics had pillow inserts for 50% off Thanksgiving weekend so I bought two of them and some No Sew Glue and got busy.

I had no high hopes or expectations (I can't sew, so this was my only shot).  But this No Sew Glue stuff actually works!!!!  I love this stuff!  So for about $7 each, I was able to make bolster pillows for my DR chairs!!!!  $5 each insert, fabric left over, $1.50 for each tassle (Tuesday Morning), $4 for No Sew Glue and I already had the cording for the drawstring.  They probably should have been tighter on the ends, but I kind of like how they droop over the sides of the chairs (at least that is my justification).

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