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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Goodwill Frame Makeover

I bought this frame for $1 at our local Goodwill 3 years ago.  It originally had a replica of Blue Boy framed in it.  I immediately tossed that out. . .and there the frame sat. . .in the spare bedroom. . .for the last 3 years.  I contemplated donating it back to Goodwill, my philosophy is: if you haven't worn it, used it, touched it or thought about it for the last year, time to get rid of it.  (I think I've mentioned that I have a phobia about having too much stuff. . .not into clutter, hence the reason my house is kind of sparse.)  But for some unknown reason this frame survived Heidi's suffocating plastic garbage bag –  death grip trip to the donation drive thru.  And you know what?  I am actually glad I held onto it.

While it is not at all ugly or obnoxious (or even in poor condition), I just never found the right thing for this frame.  My initial intentions were to frame an old black & white family photo in it and hang it in the spare bedroom.  Said bedroom being a beautiful shade of porcelain blue and butter yellow (one of my favorite rooms in the house). . .the frame is metallic blue and an antiqued silver (hard to tell in photos, cause yet again I do not claim to be a stellar photographer; better yet. . .I refuse to read instructions. . .which are probably still stuck to the bottom of my digital camera box).

Enough rambling.  I have been so inspired by all of you who have created DIY grain sack creations; ie. pillows, stockings, upholstery. . .you name it.  Love the look.  As a new follower of Restore Interiors,
I came across a post about how to print on fabric using an inkjet printer, imitating the look of authentic vintage grain and flour sacks.  (Thank you Kelli for sharing your tutorial. . .you are so talented).  While I cannot sew, I thought I would attempt a project utilizing this concept AND my lonesome, forgotten Blue-Boy Goodwill frame from 3 years ago.  So. . .here is what I came up with. . .

I painted over the metallic blue with black acrylic.  Our powder room rocks a bee theme so I designed a graphic to compliment it.  Oh how hubby loves the bee theme. . .really?  No.  Honestly, if you ask him, he probably has no idea what the theme of our powder room is.  Here are a couple of links to our powder room and this that show some of my bee stuff.  The design translates into Owen's Powder Room and I put Tim's and my initials to the sides of the bee.  I am really excited about how this project turned out and can see endless possibilities.  If only I could sew. . .if only I could quit my day job and stay at home and play. . . .
I used the wrong side of the zebra fabric from T's bedroom chair; same fabric used on the pillows and table runner in the dining room to print on. What's really kind of cool is that the inner-most molding of the frame is actually wrapped in linen. . .


  1. It looks like you bought it from a high-end boutique! I LOVE bees. You did a fanatastic job on this!

  2. oooooh, I love bees too! You did a great job on repurposing that frame and the fabric. I am going to start following you and then check out your powder room. Again great job!

  3. I love what you did! Bees and I go way back so this one speaks to my heart. Great job!