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Friday, November 12, 2010

This Week's Obsession

Ever since I hung those black corbels in the dining room I have been trying to come up with something cool to put on them to make me like them better, uh. . .not really like them better, just like them period.  I got them on sale at a local ridiculously expensive interior design studio.  They are not coming down. . .(hubby put seven holes in the wall trying to get one of them level - - also, I think he would absolutely come unglued if I took them down after the frustration of getting them right where I thought I wanted them).
So, my obsession this week has been trying to come up with an idea for those crazy corbels.  And I think I am finally on to something.
My mission this weekend is to glam up my corbels.
Here is a little hint in the direction I am heading. . .stay tuned, hopefully my little project will be complete come Monday. . .

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