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Monday, October 4, 2010

The Word Is Fight, Fight, Fight For Iowa

We Iowan's love our Hawkeyes. . .and boy did it show this weekend.

This weekend was our homecoming game against Penn State.  Fans were asked to wear either black or gold depending upon which section their seats were located in.

How did we do?
Ya, I know.  Hawkeye fans rock!  The stadium looked awesome. . .and guess what?  WE WON!
(of course we did).

My friend Laurie and I. . .sun was in my eyes, I really should invest in some sunglasses.  Hubby (aka World's Biggest Hawkeye Fan) sitting on tailgate.  Epic FAIL. . .I forgot my Merlot.  Had to embibe with a brew.

Hawk chicks.

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  1. Just discovered your blog from DIY Show Off...I am from Michigan but I was blessed enough to live in Iowa (Cedar Rapids) for a year while working for McLeodUSA before moving back to MI to marry the hubs and start a family. We visit at least once a year. I fell in love with the state and pray to be back permanently again some day. So happy I found your blog!