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Sunday, November 14, 2010

My Corbel Glamification

So this is what I came up with based on the iron willow votive candle holder inspiration (that's a mouthful).  Theirs:  $89.00 each. . .Mine:  $8.00 each.  (check my math below. . . was never good at math. . .that may be why I am a graphic artist).

I bought two 6 in. diameter aluminum fittings from Menards for the bases ($3 ea.), two 6 in. diameter styrofoam discs ($3 ea.), and some corkscrew willow branches from Hobby Lobby ($7). . . spray painted everything black ($3) and. . .

Now I want a big round mirror for above the soon-to-be glamified buffet.  And I just want to say. . .I think I have decided on a color for the buffet.  Wait for it. . .

I forgot to tell you that my other obsession of the week was flameless candles.  Yup.  Those are flameless pillars set on a four hour timer.  Love, love, love them.  I have a couple in my sunroom PB sconces as well.  I would never light them because they were too hard to reach, but now I can just enjoy the beautiful candle light and not worry about blowing them out or soot on my walls.

So yeah.  I can pretty much say I am happier with my dining room corbels now.  I still have a ways to go before my dining room glamification is complete, but it's getting there.  AND believe it or not, hubby even said “those are pretty cool”.  He usually just rolls his eyes and thinks I am obsessively insane over my “projects”.

Insert round mirror here?!

After living with this project a few days, I think I will shorten the willow branches just a tad.
I will have to wait & mess with that next weekend.
I have also noticed that my wine rack is looking quite empty.  Yikes.

PS - Don't you think this project would be cool on a smaller scale for the holidays?
Like spray paint the willows in silver or gold, or roll in glitter and cut the willows at different heights for a multiple candle centerpiece? 


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