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Friday, September 24, 2010

Broach The Subject

Here is a cheap little project that adds some glam to a shelf, nightstand or any little place that needs some blinging up.

Ask grandma nicely if you can raid her jewelry box. If she says no, check out your local junk stores (or wait until grandma falls asleep. . .just kidding).
Whatever, just get your hands on some cool old brooches.

I found some cute, blingy, cheap frames at Hobby Lobby and took the glass out. I hot glued some batting onto the back of the frames and covered them with a micro-suede fabric then put the frames back together and pinned on my brooches. Viola! Instant blingage.

. . .i have to remember to hide them when grandma comes to visit.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Heidi! OMG that sounds sooooo simple. I can't wait to get out to some antique and second hand stores to find some little critters to pin on some velvet.
    Thanks again for hosting the 8 of us throughout the Hawkeye game weekend, you are both adoreable. We all laughed all the way home. Such good memories and the big win makes it even more memorable. See you on the 23rd! Go Hawks!!