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Friday, July 9, 2010

You Either Have One OR Have Seen One - End Table Before & After

Okay, if you don't have one, you've seen one. These tables must have been very popular in, I want to say the 90's? Nice because they are solid pine, so they are good for sanding; and small, so they make an easy, quick project.
Ah, I can see endless possibilities.


I love the look of old wine crates and thought the middle portion of the table resembled the end of a wooden crate. So I masked out the middle of the table and spray painted the rest black. I created my design on the computer, which in this case is the name my husband and I have given our 3rd basement bar area.
No, we don't currently have 3 basements, we have lived in 3 different houses, all of which we built bars in the basements. I used carbon paper to trace it onto the table and then used an acrylic paint pen to fill in the design.
After letting it dry, I took sand paper over the design and distressed the legs and edges of the table to make it look old and worn. My last step was to stain the middle and distressed areas.

Loved the way it turned out so much, I decided to save myself from the ongoing need to remind my peeps to use a coaster. I had a piece of glass cut for the top.
Gotta keep ahead of the game. Speaking of games, couldn't you just see a checker board painted in the middle? . . .hmmmmm. . .


  1. Awesome job... love the hand painted touch! :)

  2. OM goodness! I have this exact table in the garage and was waiting for inspiration...thanks to you I now have it!!! AWESOME job!!!

  3. Gorgeous and inspired! Love the pub sign, now I've got to keep my eyes peeled for tables like this.

  4. Love the second "After" picture of the table. The glass finish look on the wine crate center is brilliant