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Thursday, January 6, 2011

What Is It?

Beats me.  Oddly, this Goodwill find was hollow like a vase, but only about 6 inches of it's total height was hollow; the bottom 2/3 was solid wood.  I guess it could have been a taper candle holder, but more than half of your candle would be swallowed up in the deep hollow.  I guess you could have put fake flowers in it (yuck). . .or use it to clobber an intruder. . .it was Heidi. . .in the kitchen. . .with the big, heavy wooden Goodwill thing.  (yes, I played Clue as a kid)

Anyway, I saw potential so I plugged up the hole and whipped out a can of glam.
A little sanding over the carvings, slapped on a little stain and. . . .

now I have a pillar holder for my sunroom.  Thanks, Nanc!  ; )


  1. Looks great as a pillar holder. I love transformation that can be made with a little imagination!

  2. I don't know what it WAS, but it's glamorous now! Great job!

  3. Is that a flameless candle? Love it!

  4. Actually, Cathy, it's a real candle. . .waiting for my new flameless!!!