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Monday, October 25, 2010

Our Little Hawkeye

It is tradition around our house, that Sully sports his Hawkeye jersey on game day.  Every game day Saturday we would shove his little head and arms into a jersey that was two sizes too small (it was his puppyhood jersey) because of our crazy belief that it would ensure a Hawkeye victory.

Hubby couldn't take the sight of seeing our little man stuffed into his black and gold suit any longer.
He came home with a new, big boy jersey for Sully.  And while Sully seems to love his new jersey. . .I am saddened to say it did not bring luck to our beloved Hawkeyes this weekend.  I'm blaming the 1 point loss on the full moon - - call me superstitious.

That's okay boys, Kirk & Co., we still love you.  I’m pretty sure that next Saturday while Sully is parading around in his jersey, you fellas will be kicking some Spartan bootie!  GO HAWKS!

I told Sully he looked so handsome in his new jersey, mommy wanted to get a picture of him.  He turned right around in front of me and sat down so I could get the full back view.  He is such a smart little man.

Mom, I need a haircut.

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