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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Fine Dining

Patty had a kitchen table and chair set from. . .I want to say the 70's. . .not sure, whenever they were from I am sure it was before my time.  ahem.
Anyway, she was ready to kick the chairs to the curb -

but wanted to salvage the table so she gave me a call.  The table had really good bones - pretty pedestal legs, but the top was formica.  We decided to paint the table black, but I wasn't sure I wanted to attempt painting the formica top; I just don't think it would have held up well to card parties, dinners and the grandkids.  (plus there were four leaves that went with it)  Leaving well enough alone, we decided to paint just the legs.  I suggested Patty find some chairs that would be a combination of stained and black painted wood to tie in with her new table.


     Table AFTER:

What do you think?  I think Patty did a swell job picking out the chairs.  And I love how the chair cushions really glam up the whole look.  Now she's ready for some fine dining!

yes, i said swell. . .and i lied. . .the before table and chairs were not before my time :(

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